Saturday, September 29, 2007

My design on Dan Stone's book

Pointing glove designA few years ago, Dan Stone of 365Village (formerly NETSTROM) hired me to design a semirealistic pointing glove that looks as if the cursor displayed over hyperlinks had leapt out into the real world. Its whimsical "Roger Rabbit" style made this a fun little project, but what impressed me was that Dan's initial contact was so articulate and complete that I had everything I needed to write the quote.Web Site Marketing Essentials by Dan Stone

Back in the near present, Dan needed a larger size of the glove. I learned one reason soon after when he showed the cover of his latest book, Web Site Marketing Essentials, to me. Lo and behold, I'm on the cover or, rather, the custom design purchased from me is on the cover. Nice. It can also be seen, incorporated into a photo, at

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