Monday, March 24, 2008

Nattering as I wait for UPS

Which will arrive first: UPS or the time I must leave to meet a visiting friend I haven't seen in two years? It's a slow race against time. On the UPS tracking page, the latest package progress is "out for delivery." Anticipation and Monday coffee have me practically vibrating in my chair.

It's a good time to post something here, which I don't do nearly as often as I (and my few readers) would like. If it weren't for my old posts about using Mac OS X icons, no one else would even stumble onto Utter Bibble! Anyway, a couple of things made this past weekend memorable.

First, one of our newest teens told me his name. Concussions seem to be the most typical injury we see in people who find their way to our family. As is the case with this guy, it can be enough to scramble their memory pretty thoroughly for a while. So, yeah, when he came to the phone to tell me he remembers his name it meant that he's on the mend and that we mean something to him. How could that not make my day? Actually, though, he's grown to like the nickname that the little ones gave to him.

Then, my cat jumped onto me while I was half asleep on the couch. He's 15-ish and spent the end of winter sleeping by a radiator, eating less and less. No matter how long my cats are with me, I'm not prepared for their deaths and I was afraid his was near. Maybe he's just as tired of winter as me, but since changing his food and adding fish oil, he's been doing a lot better. That jump up was the first recent one, so I am appreciating the quality time with my furry beastie as much and for as long as I can.

Hm. What do you suppose makes the best bait for UPS delivery? Here, driver driver...


Blogger Unknown said...

I think i am guilty of not hearing of you before the Icons. But I use them, I really do. In fact I would like to commission you, if are taking clients.

Let me know.

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